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7 Design and Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

November 19 was World Toilet Day! We posted an infographic on Instagram with Tiny Bathroom Ideas that received some wonderful support from our followers, so we’re back with more tips and tricks!

Bathrooms shouldn’t have to take a back seat when designing your home. It’s a private area where comfort should be prioritised, even for tiny spaces. We share some tips on designing and styling tiny bathrooms.

Modern bathroom vanity area and bathtub with white and grey elements.

1. Combine the bathtub and shower area against the farthest wall.

Bathtubs shouldn’t have to be a luxury in Singapore. Belle, a designer at Alexis Interior, designed this bathroom with opulence and comfort in mind, and what bathtubs and rain showers exude just that.

To maximise space, harmonise the bathtub and shower area so that you don’t have to allocate additional floor space to a separate shower. To make further efficient use of space, position this killer combination against the farthest wall in the bathroom to make space for other features, such as a vanity area with ample storage.

Modern bathroom bathtub with white and grey elements.

2. Choose a bright colour and simple pattern for the walls.

Bright colours instantly give the illusion of a larger space. This is because bright walls are more reflective and therefore make a space feel open and airy. Furthermore, this also helps tomaximise the effect of the natural light that enters the space.

Coupled with a simple pattern on the walls, this will minimise visual clutter for a more visually appealing space that is both inviting and seemingly vast.

Black, Grey and White Industrial Bathroom Vanity Area Left View

3. Add interest to a tiny bathroom by emphasising texture instead of colour.

Here at Alexis Interior, we definitely see the design of a small space as excitingly challenging rather than restrictive. This is to say that small does not mean boring. It just means that you have to make more meaningful choices for your space in terms of both aesthetics and function.

Incorporating one unique element such as a unique mirror or sink or even an interesting piece of art can instantly transform your space from small and boring to cute and chic. Here, we’ve added this statement vanity mirror that lights up with the push of a button. We’re all about incorporating things that are both pretty and useful into tiny spaces.

Black, Grey and White Industrial Bathroom Vanity Area Right View

4. Create storage in wall cavities and also underneath the sink.

Storage is crucial for most small spaces for containing essential items while exuding a sense of hospitality and thoughtfulness to guests. From our understanding, it may seem like an uphill battle at first sight.

However, we believe that storage can transcend its purpose of being functional towards being aesthetically pleasing as well. Wall cavities add a complex dimension to the space that is easy on the eyes while making a space feel larger. This is done by making the storage look one with the walls, as opposed to being projected out of them.

Owners of tiny bathrooms also often neglect to take advantage of the space underneath the sink. Regardless of whether you opt for an open or closed cabinet or shelves, they work wonderfully to store bathroom essentials such as towels or shower products.

Japanese Inspired Bathroom Toilet Area with Wood Elements.

5. Incorporate plants or artworks to add dimension.

Another way to add dimension to a space without needing to have masonry work done is by getting the help of green friends or art.

These increase the sense of space while making the room more comfortable and functional. With wall-mounted options, they also do not take up any floor space. At the same time, they draw the eye upward instead of horizontally to draw attention away from the small size of the space.

Japanese Inspired Bathroom Shower Area with Wood Elements.

6. Use narrow open concept racks as a good storage alternative for bath and shower areas.

We understand that shelves and cabinets may seem too heavy handed as storage options for some. In such cases, we recommend using narrow open concept racks.

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese sento, open concept racks coupled with a careful selection of bath products make for a neat bath area. With their clean lines, they’re both easy on the eyes while being functional by allowing easy access to bathroom essentials.

Japanese Inspired Bathroom Vanity Area with Wood Elements.

7. Pay attention to lighting.

Remember how we said light bounces off bright walls to make a space seem bright and airy and therefore more roomy? Well-lit spaces always look larger, and if floor space is limited, wall-mount fixtures work best, especially for tiny bathrooms.

We are also great advocates of multipurpose pieces in our spaces. For this design, we opted for a lighting fixture that doubles up as a mirror.

Pro-tip: Eliminate pendants that dangle at the head level and ‘compress’ space.

For more tips and tricks about lighting for your commercial or residential space, check out our infographic on lighting fixtures here.

We hope that you found this article useful, and if you did, please share it with your friends along with your newfound insights. For more guidance in styling and designing your residential or commercial space, do reach out to us via our social media pages or arrange for a consultation with us via our consultation form here.