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2. Light -coloured walls are hard to keep clean.

A myth this isn’t in some cases. 
Cheaper paints can be more difficult to maintain. 

However, with the emergence of paints such as
“Gush Cair Fresh”, you can confidently choose the brightest colours, as these have been designed for easy upkeep.

It’s party piece though, has to be its generous
list of niceties, which include Anti-Mould and
Anti-Bacterial properties!

3. Every room should have a different colour scheme. 

What you’ll end up with, should you paint every room in a different colour, is an interior that does not flow well together. 

Visual impact aside, exploring this route comes at quite an expense, as most painters charge extra should you opt for more than a set number of colours. 

Rather than choosing completely unique and different colours for each room, consider pre-selecting a set of colour palette for your home and apply the said colours on different walls to maximise impact, doing it this way ensures visual harmony, as well as reducing cost!