3 ways to use pattern tiles in your space

- Alexis interior -

1. geometric tiles

These most come in 2 different shapes – squares and hexagon.
They operate n the same principle, with geometric patterns printed in different shades of a similar colour lending to a 3D, cube-like illusion.
Pair this with a more minimalistic interior for a cheeky twist on a fairly pupular design trend.

2. small tiles

The most versatile of the tiles in this list, it pairs well with most interior styles. Use it to add vivid colours & textures to an otherwise muted and flat interior space. 

Avoid using these tiles excessively, as they are labour intensive thus pricier to lay and can get a little overwhelming if overused. 


3. Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles have a more subtle colour palette which makes them suitable in a wider variety of applications.

These tiles can work well in a space that has touches of some industrial cues!

- Alexis interior -

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